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Grate Cooler

Submerged Scraper Chain

Hammer crusher

Rotary Kiln

Kiln Drive

Kiln Sealing

Kiln Support roller

High Capacity Silo

Conventional cone silo


Belt Conveyor

Apron Conveyor & Pan conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Pneumatic Conveyor (air slide & air lift)

Bucket Elevator

Utility & Fuel oil handling

Vertical Scrubber

Horizontal Scrubber

Dust Collector ( bag filter )

Separator classifier

Fan & Silencer

Steel Silo


Steel Structure

Reverse Engineering

Mini Vibrating Screen



طراحی و ساخت کوره های دوار

GREENID Rotary kiln

Silencer General  Catalog

مشاور ، طراح و سازنده تجهیزات خاص صنعتی شامل پخت ، انبارش و انتقال مواد ، رفع آلودگی صوتی و گرد و غبار

طراحی و ساخت انواع سایلنسر و صدا خفه کن

GREENID Silencer

(flue gas Silencer ,Compressor ,fan Silencer  Silencer)

طرا حی و سا خت انواع سیستم انتقال مواد

GREENID Handling system (Continuous Conveyor)

( Belt Conveyor , Pneumatic Conveyor , Screw Conveyor ,  Apron Conveyor ,Bucket Elevator , Reclaimer )

handling systen

طراحی سیستم سوخت رسانی


(Unloading , Main tank  , Pumpstation)

silo grate cooler

طراحی و ساخت گریت کولر

GREENID Grate cooler

fuel oil

مهندسی معکوس

GREENID Reverse Engineering


طراحی و ساخت انواع سیستمهای تصفیه هوا

GREENID air cleaning system

(Separator classifier, bag filter , vertical scrubber, horizontal scrubber, mobile dust collector, gas filter)

Kiln Systems

GREEN ID's first grate cooler designer and manufacturer company  in Iran

We are also the first company that design and build a Submerged Scraper in Iran. This station has been fully tested and commissioned in a white cement factory.

طراحی و ساخت انواع سیلو و مخازن


(High Capacity Silo , Steel Silo)


طراحی و ساخت ریکلایمر

GREENID Reclaimer