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PGC® grate cooler Assessment  

Maximum heat recuperation with optimum secondary air quantity, low ultimate clinker temperature with minimum cooling air volume, long service life and availability in spite of increasing grate loading and optimum cooler operation even with frequently changing clinker types are the convincing characteristics of the PGC® grate cooler.

They are also the guarantee for minimal fuel and energy consumption, low capital cost and maintenance expense and flexible adaptation to different production requirements.


GREEN ID’s first grate cooler designer and Manufacturer Company in Iran.

PGC® grate cooler

The PGC® grate cooler can be combined with any kiln system on the market. The cooler’s reliable operation can easily be adapted to the kiln line's requirements. This not only applies to new cooler installations, but also to conversions and capacity increases of existing kiln cooler systems. Our clinker coolers do the job they are designed for!

Traditionally, the main function of the clinker cooler was to cool down the clinker from ~1400°C to ~100°C. For some time now the focus has been on reducing the kiln heat consumption or, recuperating as much heat as possible to reduce fuel costs

As the center piece of the aeration system, the jet stream plate totally eclipses all process technological and service life results previously obtained with cooler plates.

For the plate surfaces, thrust faces and side plates, which are subjected to high mechanical and thermal stress, a coating material was selected whose really outstanding wear resistance provides enormously long service lives.

Measurements also prove that, thanks to both material and design, the plates hardly heat up, so that deformations are reliably avoided. In achieving the process technological optimum, the new aeration slots are a crucial feature. The staggered arrangement of the slots and the tangential outflow of air ensure very uniform and non turbulent penetration of the clinker bed without blow through, resulting in an excellent heat exchange effect

It is derived from the grate cooler of cement industry in Iran That is currently in production and operation


Capacity …

1000 up to 12000

Tones clinker per day

Principle of functioning

     The clinker cooler has to perform the tasks of cooling the clinker discharged from the kiln from over 1,400°C to around 100 °C, recuperating the maximum possible amount of thermal energy and of carrying the clinker to the crusher and outward conveying equipment.

To perform these functions efficiently, the PGC® reciprocating grate cooler is divided into three zones, which are ideally suited to the different tasks:

The purpose of the cooler inlet section is to rapidly and uniformly distribute the clinker discharged from the kiln and aerate it intensively, while avoiding segregation. In the inlet zone, which is subjected to severe thermal and mechanical stresses, a static grate equipped with jet-stream plates is therefore a standard feature of the GREENID reciprocating grate cooler. The 10° inclination and the fixed rows of grate plates are advantageous for good clinker distribution and simultaneously assure optimum clinker aeration.

The recuperation section fulfils the function of recovering the heat, which is returned to the kiln. The cooling air can be optimally suited to the clinker bed and thus extract the maximum possible amount of heat for use in the burning process.

In the finish cooling section, also equipped with jet-stream plates, the clinker is cooled to the required ultimate temperature, which is determined by the residence time in the cooler and the total volume of cooling air.

 Fuel savings of 30-40 kcal/kg clinker

 Less cooling air consumption  and reduction of air to be dedusted

 Low overall power consumption

 Effective and consistent cooling of clinker

 More stable high capacity kiln and cooler performance due to less dust circulation and no blowing through of cooling air

 Low maintenance costs due to minimum wear on grate plate sand movable parts

 Less red river tendency due to the Controlled Flow Grate system

 Less snowman tendency Less falling through of clinker Short payback period

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