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hi presser fan silencer

Due to the abrasive nature and the clinker dust in the surroundings, the cooler fan must be suited to the possible wear from these conditions.

 Normally, size, RPM and power consumption of a fan type is specified in process diagrams. The fan must be sized for the necessary air flow at the nominal kiln production rate. The calculated fan capacity includes a reserve capacity to make possible adjustments of the amount of cooling air at various operating conditions

Some plats specify larger spare capacities to protect the grate against thermal load. Furthermore, the fan size ensures that the fans under normal operating conditions work in the high efficiency area of fan P-V diagram.

Dampers used in conjunction with centrifugal fans provide a simple, reliable and cost effective means for controlling air systems.

Gas flows through aerodynamically designed passages and around central core which are filled with an appropriate acoustic absorption material to provide the noise reduction desired. Silencer can be installed horizontally or vertically on the inlet or discharge of any fan or remotely in the air system.

Sound pressure in 1 m distance of fan, ductwork connected on both sides 84 dB

Fan & Silencer

Silencer Products:


Compressor Silencer

Compressor Silencer

Flue gas Silencer

Silencer  Catalog Steam Silencer

Steam Silencer

Compressor Silencer

Compressor Silencer

Flue gas Silencer

Steam Silencer

Steam Silencer

Flue Gas Silencer Flue Gas Silencer