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شركت عرصه صنعت گرين با هدف پيشرفت كيفي تجهيزات انتقال مواد توانايي طراحي ، ساخت و نصب انواع نوار نقاله (بلت کانوایر) را در تمامي ابعاد استاندارد جهت صنايع مختلف از جمله سيمان ، فولاد صنايع معدني و غيره را دارد

conveyor بلت کانوایر بلت کانوایر بلت کانوایر بلت کانوایر بلت کانوایر بلت کانوایر belt conveyor Apron Conveyor Bucket Elevator bet conveyor drive

Pipe conveyors

Si-con conveyors

Sandwich conveyors

Cable belt conveyors

Square conveyors

U-con conveyors

 Pocket or Sidewall conveyors

Belt conveyors with center distance >100 m are equipped with sets of self-adjusting supporting idlers on the return part to ensure the correct training of the belt.

The GREEN ID rubber belt conveyor is driven either by separate motor and gear or by motorized driving pulley.

Belt tension is maintained by screw type take up (center distance < 30 m) or by gravity type take-up (center distance > 30 m). The maintenance requirements of the GREEN ID rubber belt conveyors are negligible. The idlers with sealed-for-life ball bearings are maintenance free. The labyrinth seals can be recharged.

The GREEN ID rubber belt conveyor can be supplied trough, flat or flat with raised edges.

GREEN ID also manufactures long distance belt conveyors and have supplied rubber belt conveyors up to 22.5 km in length divided into 2.5 km sections

در حال حاضر شركت عرصه صنعت گرين در حال مطالعات اوليه انواع ديگر سيستم هاي انتقال مواد ازجمله موارد ذيل ميباشد

طراحي انجام شده كه مطالعات اوليه آن دو سال به طول انجاميده بهترين مدلهاي طراحي اجزاء از شركت هايي از جمله


انتخاب شده و در اختيار است

Long overland conveyors

Short plant conveyors

Reversible conveyor Screw type take-up

  Reversible conveyor Gravity type take-up

  Conveyor Screw type take-up

  Conveyor Back gravity type take-up

  Conveyor side gravity type take-up

  Conveyor down gravity type take-up

Two-way conveyors

Tripper conveyor

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Screw Conveyor

Apron Conveyor


Pneumatic Conveyor

Bucket elevator

air slide Apron Conveyor Bucket Elevator

Screw Conveyor

Apron Conveyor

Pneumatic Conveyor

Bucket elevator

Pneumatic Conveyor


Rubber belt conveyors are used for horizontal and inclining transport of loose, bulk materials. The GREEN ID rubber belt conveyors are normally supplied with EP  fabric rubber belting to DIN 22102 specifications and are equipped with the special GREEN ID supporting idlers with sealed- for-life ball bearings and grease packed labyrinth seals. The loading and transfer points are designed for trouble-free operation of the conveyors. Dust filters are fitted where required. The supporting structure is manufactured of tubular framework. This construction facilitates the mounting and adjustment of the idlers.

The belt conveyors are equipped with effective scrapers for belt and pulleys and with special self-cleaning idlers for the return side of the conveyor

Bucket Elevator Bucket Elevator belt conveyor


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